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Award-winning storytellers Lonelyleap approached us to work in collaboration with them to create a video-rich site for Alcatel-Lucent, the leader in IP networking, ultra-broadband access and cloud technologies and a company behind much of the communications infrastructure of our modern world.

Building networks

Alcatel-Lucent has been through an incredible transformation since 2013. Lonelyleap asked us to help bring these stories alive through the web. The site needed to be inspiring and engaging for a wide range of viewers - from current and prospective employees, to customers, to shareholders, to the people who made it all happen.

Focusing on human stories

Alcatel-Lucent technology has enabled brilliant human change across the world, with networks that open up opportunities for the people of Africa and to ensuring that people can get to work quickly and easily every morning in Paris.

As storytellers, Lonelyleap wanted to ensure that the human impact of this technology was brought to the forefront - not just in the stories but also through a beautiful online experience that would work on any device and knew they could trust us to make this happen.

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Alcatel Lucent was thrilled with the result of the project, with extremely positive feedback from their employees and their customers, and the audience at large.


Visitors in the first four months


Mobile access rate

I’d like to thank in particular, the people at Lonelyleap and Make Us Proud for their creativity, the quality and efficiency of their work.

Joel Pagot


Every success has its network

One of the biggest challenges was finding ways to explain technical concepts in a simple, enjoyable way, and present large volumes of data effortlessly - helping readers understand the story and find the experience both engaging and delightful.

Explaining complexity

How could we illustrate the changes made by a huge infrastructure project? Alcatel-Lucent helped the Paris metro to combine their separate legacy systems - IT, CCTV, passenger info, telephony and radio into one seamless IP network. With a simple animation we were able to describe the change and make the benefits clear.

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Navigating data

The team at Alcatel-Lucent was keen to include a mass of data in the site, but it needed to be easy to explore on any device. With our adaptive User Interface, we made sure viewers could find what they needed while exploring the user-friendly interface.

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Our approach

After an immersive research and editorial phase Lonelyleap had narrowed down the potential stories to 10 and we then developed ways we could bring them to life through data visualisation and interactive features. As Lonelyleap identified that the human element was most important to each and every story, we collectively agreed the site also needed to celebrate the individuals and teams who were behind this success.

Workshopping wth Lonelyleap

Workshopping wth Lonelyleap

Project Evolution

Usability prototype

Sketching & rough builds

In collaboration with the design team at Lonelyleap, we were able to start mapping out the opportunity space, finding ways to tie their stories together with powerful visual and interactive elements that made the complex data feel simple and easy to digest.


Native prototype

Interaction development

Coding the structure of the new site, testing interactions and refining ideas for animation.


Lovable Product

Refining and polishing

With our ideas tested, iterated and validated, we could now build out the full site and fine-tune every detail for release.

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