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Discovery Channel

An interface for exploration

A delightful, simple cross-platform on-demand video service that helps users discover great content.

A new experience

Discovery channel are renowned for their world-leading content, and desired a way to bring this to their existing and future paying audience as an on-demand video service. They came to us to imagine a whole new experience for their users, with an accessible and delightful new interface that helped re-enforce the strength of the Discovery brand, and define a beautiful cross-device experience.

The Outcome

We created a refined, simple content-driven experience, focused on the beautiful content that Discovery are creating and putting the visual richness at the core of the design. This was re-enforced by a strong full-screen expereince no matter what device you were exploring with.

Native prototyping

To get the 'feel' of the UI right, we began by designing a simple, animated navigation experience that would work on any device.

By working directly in code and adding live controls to our animation and interactions, we were able to create and test our interaction ideas quickly, leading to a beautiful motion branding fit, and a delightful and intuitive interface experience that worked beautifully on any device.

Below is the final prototype for the UI showing just how much control we had over the final animation experience.

Fast and accessible

By designing and testing across all devices simultatiously, we were able to create a UI that felt consistent on an iPhone to a 27 inch iMac, and everything in between. Pick up or use any device and have the same level of understanding with zero learning curve.

Project Evolution

Usability prototype

Paper prototyping

Using just pen and paper, we were able to quickly and efficiently test ideas with users and iterate simple interaction ideas till we had something really compelling.

Native prototype

Coding behaviour

With our ideas tested we were able to build in code, adding a dashboard as we went so we could fine-tune animations directly as we made further tests with users.

How can we help?

If you’ve got a project in mind, or you’d just like to discuss some ideas, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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