Everything a small business needs

Re-imagine how to manage a business, through a user-centred interface and direct, human customer service.

Finding simplicity in the chaos

Geniac provide everything a small business needs - Accounting, Legal and Employee Management, all working together to take away the pain of managing a small to medium size business. Their customers loved the personal service they provided, but could never find the things they needed in the web interface. We set out to create a new system that keeps the user at the heart of things.

An intent-driven portal

We looked at how users wanted to express their business problems on a day-to-day basis, breaking down the issues they faced into simple elements. With this understanding we were able to design an intuitive workflow that helped users achieve their goals effortlessly.

The outcome

Users loved the new platform, and our work played an instrumental role in Geniac’s success. In the time we’ve worked with them, Geniac have gone from a tiny startup to a well-funded player looking set to make big waves in their industry. Financial support came from Grant Thornton, one of the largest Business Advisory firms in the world.

£22 Million


up to 400

New jobs created

Make Us Proud left a real impression on our business, helping us to transform our product into something our customers truly love.

matt wood

Matthew Wood Geniac Product Owner

Business management reinvented

Our design created a whole new way for users to think about managing their business - elegantly and directly without constantly having to phone or email to get things done.

A radical new interface

Our user-centred interface design changed the industry perspective on how an integrated service could solve customer problems, opening up new opportunities for Geniac.

We created a unique interface called the 'Intent Bar', a simple intuitive way for a users to navigate any issues they face in running their business.

We also designed a simple, effective flow for tasks within the system. Every 'intent' is tracked throughout your business, letting you easily find anything you've achieved in the past. "What happened when I hired Amy?" "What were the days that James had off last week?" all simple and easy to recall.

We tested this new approach with existing and future users, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

personal manager
intent bar flexible working
dashboard active cases
geniac interface

A beautiful marketing site

In close collaboration with Geniac, we created a powerful new site that explained their proposition clearly and celebrated their diverse team and satisfied customers. We found that the simplicity of the UI brought real clarity to how the product made a business owners life simpler. You could see how this changed your life.

We paired this simplicity with inspiring imagery of Geniac's existing customer base, and how they've helped springboard them to success. Us included.

Project Evolution

Usability prototype

Sketching & rough builds

With the help of card-sorting exercises, we prioritised user needs and designed an information architecture. We were then able to begin sketching ideas collaboratively with the Geniac team, designing and testing visual ways to solve the problem.


Native prototype

Interaction development

Once we had tested and iterated on our ideas, we built an interactive site that we could trial with a wider user-base. Business owners loved it! A common response was: “When can I have this?” The web-app went on to be a huge success as our ideas were incorporated into the production interface.


How can we help?

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